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[[Finale]] - Megaman
by xmaochan

BA BA BA, BA BA, BADADA by AliasMouse

Not Meant To Be Like This [ShadowBlues]
by: xmaochan

[Give Me Your Heart And Your Soul] - BassRock
by xMaochan

Megaman NT Warrior Petition


Hello fellow Megaman fans.

9 years ago that last English episode of Megaman NT Warrior Axess was aired, since then Megaman NT Warrior Stream hasn’t been dubbed. I always see that tons of people really wish this was dubbed, and so I have made a petition to Ocean Productions and Capcom to continue the Megaman NT Warrior Series in english. If we can get enough people to sign it, we just might have a chance at being able to see Megaman NT Warrior Stream english dubbed. 

Lets work together to get this dubbed!

Petition: https://www.change.org/petitions/ocean-productions-inc-english-dub-megaman-nt-warrior-stream

Thank You.

Science/Visions [Megaman X/Zero]
by: xMaochan

Cool design. Improvements later.

This week is Mega Man Xtreme!

25 | 蛹 せみ [pixiv]

25 | 蛹 せみ [pixiv]

シエルさん きゅっ! | 蛹 せみ [pixiv]